More Ways For You To Add Awesomeness to! was just launched on the 19th, but I’ve been working at night to get some cool stuff out so that you can help add awesome stuff you find around the city and add it up here really easily and almost instantaneously. Here’s what I got:

1. PunchingKitty “tips”:

We already have the email of tips[at]punchingkitty[dot]com set up and if you want to do more, you can sign up for an account and submit a full fledged story, but I felt like something you can do anywhere would be a great addition, so starting last night, you can now Twitter a tip to us by simply including #pktip in the body of your tweet.  The site will find them and post the newest one on the front page!  So…if you see Virginia Kerr doing a line off a male stripper’s ass and that male stripper turns out to be Larry Conors, get on your phone or to the nearest computer and send us that tip!

2. Photos

Wait though…what if you have one of those new-fangled camera phone in your pocket or purse when you see the morning news girl from Channel 4 partaking in debauchery?  Starting now, you can email us a photo right from your phone (or computer) and we will add it to the photo gallery, of wich the latest of those photos are on the right there under the “tips” box!  All you have to do is just email any photo to photos[at]punchingkitty[dot]com and just put the title you want in the subject line.

So thats it!  Go out this weekend, get drunk, do something stupid, take a photo of it and send it off to us…or at least let us know the gist by sending us a tip on Twitter.