Merry Christmas Everyone!

We’ll be back next week after taking a couple of days off for Christmas. It’s a long time until Monday, and since you’re probably going to be lost without our guidance, here’s a few little tips to get you through the holiday: 5. Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time. Shut up about It’s a Wonderful Life or Elf. 4. It’s on the record now, even the Mayor’s office isn’t safe: [Read More]

Top 10 Tips For Those Moving to the City

What?! It happens!  Sometimes people move to the city.  Maybe they are athletes or maybe they just want to fill their Foursquare feed with more hipster places…either way, it happens.

Here are some tips from Punching Kitty skewed towards people from the area that are moving to the city. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

10. If you called it Missou-rah, that’s fine. Stop now though.

9. We’d like to say “Get rid of your truck.” but we can’t. Lots of people have them, though we aren’t sure why.

8. If you’re from out west, this is a black guy:

They’re cool, so you be too.

7. Hey, nice trendy neighborhood! …Guess what though, 6 months ago an old lady was shot so someone could steal her food stamps 2 blocks away from your fancy place. No matter how many tapas restaurants you have in walking distance, it all St. Louis. You want to be an uppity little bitch about your neighborhood? Move to Ladue. Otherwise, don’t compare neighborhoods you don’t know about. City veterans hate that.

6. Cardinal games are great when the “trip” home is all of 10 minutes max.

5. You want to eat a restaurant? Tons of options. You want to go to a grocery store? Your options are too ghetto or too fancy. The county still has us beat on this one.

4. This is an example of two dudes kissing. It doesn’t happen all the time, but if you wander by Manchester & Sarah on a Saturday night, we don’t want you to be surprised.

Again, they’re cool, so you be too.

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Top 10 Things We Wish Stan Kroenke Would Step in and Buy

Stan Kroenke shocked everyone by jumping in at the last second to make a play for 100% ownership of the St. Louis Rams. That’s fine and all, but the Rams had a buyer already. Their’s way better stuff for Kroenke to drop his cash on… Arby’s. Who doesn’t love Arby’s? A soccer team. 4,000 pairs of white socks. Never buy socks again. Nickelback. So they’ll never play again. 1 lion, 1 gorilla, 1 cage, tons of seats. [Read More]

We Need Some Dirt People!

This post isn’t news exactly, its more “pre-news”. I just wanted to throw out there some names of people we are always looking for information or candid photos of. If you know anything or have any sort of connection, hit us up at [email protected] or simply call or text the tip line: 314-266-TIPS Sam Bradford: This guy had to go to parties at some point in college right? Date anyone you know? [Read More]

10 St. Louis Tips for the Hollidays

Dear Holliday family – You’re not really new here per se, but I’m sure with Matt’s impending free agency you really didn’t want to spread out and settle in. After that big contract though, its time to spread out and learn about your new home! Don’t be fooled though. St. Louis can be a tricky and complicated place… Allow us to help you with a set of 10 rules to live by. [Read More]

Charter is Almost Out of Bankruptcy, Here Are Some Tips From Us

Remember like a year ago when Charter started the whole bankruptcy proceedings? Well now its almost over. Charter Communications Inc. says a bankruptcy judge has confirmed its reorganization plan, clearing the way for the nation’s fourth largest cable TV operator to emerge from Chapter 11 in a few weeks. Charter said the plan whittles its debt burden by about $8 billion, leaving $13 billion. Bondholders who agreed to swap their $8 billion of debt will end up owning nearly all of the post-bankruptcy company. [Read More]

Text Your Tips!

Text Your Tips!
It honestly never occurred to us until someone asked, but yes, you can also send a text message to our Tip Line (314-266-TIPS) to drop us a line on a local celebrity you see out, something crazy going down, or some insider info you want to get out! I imagine this will be pretty popular for bars where talking on the phone, isn’t all that useful, so text away! Right now we have a big empty inbox that is just begging for some info. [Read More]

More Ways For You To Add Awesomeness to!

More Ways For You To Add Awesomeness to! was just launched on the 19th, but I’ve been working at night to get some cool stuff out so that you can help add awesome stuff you find around the city and add it up here really easily and almost instantaneously. Here’s what I got: 1. PunchingKitty “tips”: We already have the email of tips[at]punchingkitty[dot]com set up and if you want to do more, you can sign up for an account and submit a full fledged story, but I felt like something you can do anywhere would be a great addition, so starting last night, you can now Twitter a tip to us by simply including #pktip in the body of your tweet. [Read More]