Bobby Smith is Too Good to Look Forward in His Molester Mug Shot

This gentleman to the right with a five-o-clock shadow at 11am thought it would be a good idea to pose as a student to send nasty little text messages to underage girls. Can’t imagine how the wheels came of this seemingly perfect plan… Bobby Smith, 32, of Pontoon Beach, IL, was charged with 2 counts of solicitation to meet a child. Smith was indicating that he was a student named “Stevie Smith,” at the Granite City High School. [Read More]

KSDK Thinks You Should Make Your Kids Uncomfortable This Christmas

Did you know that 1 in 4 teens have sent a sexually explicit text message? I know what you are thinking: “Damn, that’s hot!” But remember that 3 in 4 teens are ugly. …plus KSDK thinks this is a bad thing and is urging parents to make this holiday extra special by corning your kids and reminding them not to be a whores over the cell phone. “The holidays are a great time for parents to not only have conversations about this in an empowering way,” [author Carrie Silver-Stock] said. [Read More]

Text Your Tips!

Text Your Tips!
It honestly never occurred to us until someone asked, but yes, you can also send a text message to our Tip Line (314-266-TIPS) to drop us a line on a local celebrity you see out, something crazy going down, or some insider info you want to get out! I imagine this will be pretty popular for bars where talking on the phone, isn’t all that useful, so text away! Right now we have a big empty inbox that is just begging for some info. [Read More]