Bobby Smith is Too Good to Look Forward in His Molester Mug Shot

This gentleman to the right with a five-o-clock shadow at 11am thought it would be a good idea to pose as a student to send nasty little text messages to underage girls. Can’t imagine how the wheels came of this seemingly perfect plan…

Bobby Smith, 32, of Pontoon Beach, IL, was charged with 2 counts of solicitation to meet a child.

Smith was indicating that he was a student named “Stevie Smith,” at the Granite City High School. Smith was soliciting sexual acts from the females in the text messages.

“Stevie” Smith? He’s only 32 but somehow thinks kids these days have reverted back to the 50’s where seemingly everyone was called Stevie, Wally and Mikey. When the hell did anyone that goes by Stevie ever get a chick?! This whole plot was screwed from the beginning, but according to prosecutors, a plan to get up under that training bra is illegal no matter how stupid it is.

Another mystery entirely is why Smith thinks he is too damn fancy a molester to look right in to the camera for his mug shot, instead choosing to go with the coy smile approach that has yet to work well with juries. I bet he text messages 12 year olds with his pinkies up too.

via KMOV