I Call That My “Putter”: Molester Apartment Putt Putt Course Adjacent

A St. Charles mother was searching through the state’s sex registered sex offender list, something we are apt to do as well from time to time, and found that one lived in a near by apartment complex…and then she found one more…in that same apartment complex…and another and a bunch more after that actually. All told, 17 convicted sex offenders live in that same complex in St. Charles.

The sheriff’s department admits that’s an unusually high number.

Yeah, you can’t help but wonder about that, but really what’s the big deal? Maybe they are all keeping each other “clean” so to speak. It’s not like the apartment is near by location frequented by children or something!

The apartments sit right behind Swing-a-Round Fun Town, a family recreation center that’s been around for more than 20 years.

You don’t say…weird coincidence or benefit listed carefully in the Craigslist ad?

Of the 17 sex offenders who live in the apartment complex, 12 have assaulted people under the age of 18. Three of them assaulted children under the age of five.

Hmm. Ok, so that’s weird. The management of Swing Around Fun Town told KMOV that they have security cameras around the area and there have never been any issues with their neighbors. Also the “Let Us Put Sunscreen on Your Kids! …Yes, you can still get sunburned through your shirt…and pants.” program is now in it’s 6th year and is proving popular. KMOV was told not to tell anyone though or something bad would happen to their parents.

We saw a movie about something like this, only it was sexy lesbians just out of prison instead of molesters and instead of a putt putt course, it was a car wash. Either way there was lots of sex and very little car cleaning going on, so maybe the parents should be a little worried.  Also watch out if you are an evil businessman trying to buy and tear down the carwash/putt putt course because in the movie you have sex with the sexy lesbians/molesters until you agree to just throw a party instead.

via KMOV and our tipster