Hammer Time at Buckingham Place With Patrick Sweeney

We like to take digs at St. Charles county on here from time to time but one thing we have really grown to love about St. Chuck are the street names out there. Every name is so wistful with a hint of lame. Looking at a map is like flipping through a paint color sample booklet: Willow Road, Morningside Drive, Lindy’s Landing, Motherhead Road…there are so many new roads popping up out there it’s clear people stopped giving a shit about how dumb the name is a long time ago, if anyone can think of anything not taken in a 15 mile radius they print up a street sign.

Of course, no matter many times you name a street after a royal palace, fruit or a type of tree, it doesn’t mean messed up stuff can’t go down there…but it does kinda make it a little funnier: (emphasis ours)

Patrick A. Sweeney, 47, of the first block of Buckingham Place, was charged Monday with first-degree assault, armed criminal action, both felonies, and third-degree misdemeanor assault.

Well whatever did “Sir” Patrick do. In short? He lost his shit and proved that he doesn’t just look like the president of the Charlie Manson Fan Club.

Suspected of being drunk, first Sweeney turned on his 66 year old mother. Punching her in the head, neck, back and shoulders, finally knocking her to the ground. After that opening card, he faced off with his brother when he tried to interviene, striking him “several times” in the head with a hammer.

Sweeney is in jail with a $100k bail.

That urge you have to burn things is from this picture of Sweeney looking in to your soul. Those aren’t really scorpions on your arms and please don’t burn anything.

via STLToday