You Know that Giant Missouri Sex Offender List? That’s Not All of Them

After an audit of Missouri’s sex offenders database, it was found that 7 percent of convicted pervs hadn’t registered despite the legal mandate.

Montee released her audit of the sex offender registration program Wednesday. Generally, it found improvement from a review eight years ago. But the audit said Missouri — like most states — has not yet complied with federal sex offender requirements. Missouri’s deadline is July 2011.

7 percent is probably a lot more people than you would think, guess and hope. Statistically, at least a few of you reading this should probably get on the stick! …wait. No. We meant register. We didn’t mean anything else you thought that meant.

7 percent is not that much though when you realize how little it takes to get on this list however. We threw some zipcodes at STLToday’s commenter registration form…er, we mean sex offender search engine and found that there are lots and lots of really f-ed up shiz going down around us, there is also some questionable listings (at least form the data they share with us).

As you can see there in the photo above, poor Clyde has no reason by his name, and he’s labeled as homeless. That’s all it takes? How many park trees have to report a homeless guy for him to make the sex offender’s list? Also, its been noted that he has not registered. Maybe because he’s homeless. Not sure.

Also of note is that the guy right below him on the list’s last name is Finger, making that the best name for a sex offender ever.

via KMOV