Washington Avenue Closed for Bomb Squad

Police closed Washington Avenue downtown yesterday between 10th and 11th because someone reported “suspicious” canisters under a park bench. “Suspicious” is just what you say though after the bomb squad has already been called. They just looked like cans otherwise (right).

Police took x-rays of the canisters and said it looked like the contents might be concrete samples. More testing will be done elsewhere to make sure the canisters posed no threat.

So the cans with concrete on the lip turned out to have concrete in them?! Shocked. Don’t worry though, KSDK has promised to be following all new developments…on the cans of cement. No word yet if this is considered by Mike Bush to be “bad news” (and thus unspeakable) because they thought the cans were bombs, or if it’s “good news” because they weren’t.

The bomb squad must be the roulette of the police world. Sure, every once in a while someone calls in a real bomb, but in between its just you getting in that sweet armored outfit and poking at cans with a stick. In fact, after the all-clear was given, one bomb squad member picked up a canister, tossed it through the window of a near by car, hotwired it and took off. When stopped later on he claimed “It’s what everyone does around here! Why would you park on Washington if you don’t want your car jacked?” He has a point.

via KSDK