St. Louis Started a Washington Avenue Curfew

Friday was the first night with the new 10p – 4a Washington Avenue curfew for any one under 21 and none of the clubs were shot up last weekend (but at this point, who can tell?), so it’s going pretty well so far. St. Louis police turned to a “festival” permit to give them authority to bar anyone under age 21 from the entertainment district along Washington Avenue after 10 pm on Friday and Saturday this weekend. [Read More]

Washington Avenue Closed for Bomb Squad

Police closed Washington Avenue downtown yesterday between 10th and 11th because someone reported “suspicious” canisters under a park bench. “Suspicious” is just what you say though after the bomb squad has already been called. They just looked like cans otherwise (right). Police took x-rays of the canisters and said it looked like the contents might be concrete samples. More testing will be done elsewhere to make sure the canisters posed no threat. [Read More]