Kings of Leon Came Back to St. Louis

The last time faux-rock group Kings of Leon appeared in St. Louis they played three songs, got shit-faced…whoops, I mean shit on, and then left in a huff whining about anything and everything. Here’s what we said at the time:

Jesus these guys are freaking retarded. You too big of a star to just move your little corporate-emo bitch ass 2 feet to the left? Also, you’re a bassist…close your mouth. Is it really the venue’s fault, the open-air venue’s fault, that a bird pooped on you? Yell “Dude!”, spit, get a drink of water and keep going you douche bags! “You may enjoy being shit on but we don’t.” … apparently Queens of Leon do enjoy all over their fans though if this is the best they could do. Congratulations, you just outted yourself to even your most die-hard fans that you are no more “rock” than Hanna Montana.

Once was “Poopstock” is now “PR-stock” as Kings of Leon were in town all weekend to redo that fateful show and even take in a show of their own.

On Saturday night at Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre, the band played a full show this time and did acknowledge the circumstances according to STLToday’s Kevin Johnson:

Lead singer Caleb Followill spent the last night of the band’s current tour telling the Verizon crowd how much he appreciated his fans for coming back to this rescheduled show. Five songs in, after treating the crowd to “Crawl,” “My Party” and others, Followill said it was time for a drink, and toasted the crowd for coming back.

Without ever mentioning pigeons or feces (was he contractually gagged?) Followill repeatedly told the crowd how glad they were fans returned and how they were happy to return to St. Louis, capped with Followill stating canceling a show isn’t a joke.

“I don’t know what to say,” he said. “It’s never a funny thing, especially if people spend their hard-earned money.”

Johnson even seemed to think that the hatchet was buried after the do-over show saying:

“Are you guys having a good time?” Followill asked, checking in with fans. And it felt as if they were, leaving behind any ill will it may have had for the band.

…well, maybe the band’s actual fans and specifically ones hard core enough to come back to the free make-up show are cool, but to say that Kings of Leon are high on St. Louis’ list might be a bit of a stretch. We’ve heard from several accounts that the band got tickets to the Rams’ win over the Redskins Sunday afternoon and when shown on the Jumbotron, the crowd mercilessly booed them.

Good luck on that PR Kings of Leon, but it seems you don’t even have to step on stage these days to get shit on. Also of note is that we accidentally heard their music the other day and probably would have really enjoyed it if we would have been a 13-year old girl with brain tumor and wants something she can turn up loud enough to cover up the sounds of the voices in our head telling us to burn things.