The 10 Best “Texts From Last Night” From the 314

From the website, Texts From Last Night, we present to you the Top 10 texts from the 314 area code! #10: i just packed a bowl on a big bird place mat and smoked it in a spaceship with a slide. i love babysitting. #9: Just saw an old lady vomit in a trash can at the airport. I instinctively called her a pussy. College has ruined us. [Read More]

Text Your Tips!

It honestly never occurred to us until someone asked, but yes, you can also send a text message to our Tip Line (314-266-TIPS) to drop us a line on a local celebrity you see out, something crazy going down, or some insider info you want to get out! I imagine this will be pretty popular for bars where talking on the phone, isn’t all that useful, so text away! Right now we have a big empty inbox that is just begging for some info. [Read More]