The 10 Best “Texts From Last Night” From the 314

From the website, Texts From Last Night, we present to you the Top 10 texts from the 314 area code!


i just packed a bowl on a big bird place mat and smoked it in a spaceship with a slide. i love babysitting.


Just saw an old lady vomit in a trash can at the airport. I instinctively called her a pussy. College has ruined us.


I hated hipsters before it was mainstream.


I mean I like that it’s warm enough to open the windows, but it annoys me that I can’t walk around naked anymore.


Thank God. You really dodged a small penis there.


screw that ipod for my birthday.. i just want a weed brownie the size of my face. that’s all.


I still can’t believe I found a dildo in my ceiling today.


I kind of feel like guidos are mythical creatures.


I want to dip my vagina in sugar. Not only will it be sweet, but it will have a nice sparkle.


WTF why am I in the Atlanta airport?

You people are weird.