10 St. Louis Tips for the Hollidays

Dear Holliday family –

You’re not really new here per se, but I’m sure with Matt’s impending free agency  you really didn’t want to spread out and settle in.  After that big contract though, its time to spread out and learn about your new home!  Don’t be fooled though.  St. Louis can be a tricky and complicated place…

Allow us to help you with a set of 10 rules to live by.

  1. Always always always run to first base, even when you are totally out.
  2. If you ever drive west so far that don’t see gay or black people anymore, you’ve gone past 270.  Turn around.
  3. Try the Imo’s.  Even if you don’t like it, say you do.
  4. The Zoo here is free.  Pretty sweet.
  5. Just to be clear, it wasn’t just last season.  Every year most of the fans at the ballpark will have hairy backs yet still wear sleeveless shirts.
  6. Keep this map we made you on you to find out where and where NOT to go. (Circles are good)
  7. When we get bad storms in the spring, don’t even bother trying to watch a show on Fox.  Dave Murray breaks in to programming every 5 minutes pitching a weather vane.  He loves that stuff.
  8. If you could be the designated driver for the Cardinals, that would help us out a lot!
  9. Try the toasted ravioli and get used to it….its everywhere.
  10. I would just ignore Illinois completely.