Matt Holiday Signs: $17 Million a Year Seems Like a Lot For a Guy That Can’t Catch

The Cardinals have finally sealed the deal!  It took a lot of dinners and getting their had slapped away from some boobs, but after a weekend of some heavy petting, the finally went all the way and got the deal done with the apple of their offseason’s eye, Matt Holiday.

Holliday announced the deal himself on ESPN Radio yesterday. (No, not the St. Louis version 101 ESPN, the national version.  Bitch slap!)

“Well, I think first of all going into free agency I had in the back of my mind that I really liked my time in St. Louis and felt it was a good fit for me and my family,” Holliday said on the show.

He added: “At the end of the day we decided that was best for us.”

He followed up with: “Oh, and they were the only ones really bidding for me and they still gave me a sh*t load of money!  Ka-kow!”

The deal for the nearly 30 year old (Jan 15th) Holliday is for 7 years and roughly $120 million, giving him an average of $17 million dollars a year.

More from Holliday:

“When you’re a little kid growing up hoping to be a professional baseball player and hoping to play in the major leagues, I don’t think you ever think about the money,” Holliday said. “Now that you look at it, it’s a little overwhelming.”

We’ll take some Matt.  Don’t want you feeling uncomfortable.

Quotes via ESPN