The United States of Shame Featuring Your Poor Ass

Pleated recently put together this map of our United States with each state decorated by one state that it is worst in the nation in. What better day to post this than on the day after our┬áPresident’s┬áState of the Union address? Oh, I know what you’re thinking, guy with knife lodged in his belly, but Missouri isn’t the nation’s worst place for crime, that’s just St. Louis. The wise map picked bankruptcy as Missouri’s “best” worst ranking. [Read More]

Charter is Almost Out of Bankruptcy, Here Are Some Tips From Us

Remember like a year ago when Charter started the whole bankruptcy proceedings? Well now its almost over. Charter Communications Inc. says a bankruptcy judge has confirmed its reorganization plan, clearing the way for the nation’s fourth largest cable TV operator to emerge from Chapter 11 in a few weeks. Charter said the plan whittles its debt burden by about $8 billion, leaving $13 billion. Bondholders who agreed to swap their $8 billion of debt will end up owning nearly all of the post-bankruptcy company. [Read More]