OMG, KSDK’s Kay Quinn Was Hacked!

You guys stay sharp out there, a hacker is on the loose! Just ask KDSK (channel 5)’s Kay Quinn, who was recently “hacked”. It seems I’ve been hacked. Sorry if you got the inappropriate message being send from an old account. Be sure you DON’T click on it. People always like to lay their lack of basic computer knowledge on a “hacker” since that way they are stupid, it was a hacker that clearly must have picked them out of the billions on the planet and targeted them. [Read More]

KSDK’s Ann Rubin Isn’t Fazed By Traffic Accidents

Ann Rubin of KSDK lost her shiz just a little bit last night on the news when a fender bender happened behind her, just off camera. She made a little gasp, finished her sentence and then explained the situation before throwing it back to Kay Quinn who didn’t even ask if everyone was alright…what the hell Kay?! Everyone died. Are you happy now you didn’t wasted the time to ask? Feel good about yourself? [Read More]

Kay Quinn Tweets Through Her Furlough

Now her furlough is over, but for a second there it looked like we were going to be seeing the “[Insert activity here] on my furlough.” for everything she broadcast to Twitter last week. Seems odd to be broadcasting the fact your company sent you home with no pay for a week. Looking for a new job Kay? …also, I know you can find a better photo than that for your Twitter picture! [Read More]