OMG, KSDK’s Kay Quinn Was Hacked!

You guys stay sharp out there, a hacker is on the loose! Just ask KDSK (channel 5)’s Kay Quinn, who was recently “hacked”.

It seems I’ve been hacked. Sorry if you got the inappropriate message being send from an old account. Be sure you DON’T click on it.

People always like to lay their lack of basic computer knowledge on a “hacker” since that way they are stupid, it was a hacker that clearly must have picked them out of the billions on the planet and targeted them. Don’t know how valuable your summer photos from that vacation in 1986 are? Porn and actual money have really gotten boring to the internet criminal, so they need your boring shit now more than ever right? No. But Kay Quinn?! She’s special.1 When you’re an anchor on a local news station, you’re a target, so of course this was a “hack”, meaning someone worked really hard to guess Kay’s password (shot in the dark: “KaySDK” Were we right?! Someone check us!) and this definitely was not just Kay being a internet moron and clicking some link in her email or on Twitter giving her account away to some random kid in China with a passing knowledge of computer security.[2]

We’re just wondering why she won’t delete the tweets that the hacker put up in her name as they make her sound like a total dipshit. Two tributes to Dan Peek and a “Yeah! Birthday cake!”? It’s like she got hacked by a 60 year old retarded guy working in the mail room of a box factory. “Oh yeah! It’s cake day! Yea cake! I like birthdays!” Jesus, Kay take those things down before someone thinks that’s you talking.


It would appear that those tweets are Kay talking.

We love you Kay, but please give your account back to the hacker.

via @KayQuinn and our tipster.

1 No, not really.

[2] Please insert your desired amount of sarcasm for basically this whole paragraph.