KSDK’s Ann Rubin Isn’t Fazed By Traffic Accidents

Ann Rubin of KSDK lost her shiz just a little bit last night on the news when a fender bender happened behind her, just off camera. She made a little gasp, finished her sentence and then explained the situation before throwing it back to Kay Quinn who didn’t even ask if everyone was alright…what the hell Kay?! Everyone died. Are you happy now you didn’t wasted the time to ask? Feel good about yourself?!

…ok, they didn’t die…or maybe they did…we don’t know. It didn’t happen to us, and as such, it might have well have happened on the moon or in Chesterfield. Two places we never seem to make it to, but we’re pretty sure both have a Chick Fil A. We don’t care, but we feel like Kay Quinn should. Hell if Kay was there and gave a damn, she might have been able to use her jaw to chisel away the door to get the people out.

via Matt, a tipster who artful framing of the tv with his video camera rivals even the cinematic greats