Society Still Going Despite Yesterday’s Civil Unions

Both Illinois’ St. Clair County and Missouri’s University City opened their doors yesterday morning to a line of people waiting to be the first few to get a civil union in their respective areas. Meanwhile, hate filled people somehow failed to noticed that the world did actually continue to spin and society as we know it, did go on.

In St. Clair:

St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney reported that seven couples in the county had been united as of 9 AM and that he was expecting more to turn out.

“I expect them throughout the day,” Delaney said.

…and University City:

Three same sex couples were lined up by 8 a.m. at City Hall to become the first government-sanctioned domestic partnership couples anywhere in St.Louis County.

Charles Redmond, who is retired from IBM, and Arthur Loporena, retired from sales at Macy’s, became the first on the registry. They have been partners for 42 years.

“We are overjoyed,” Redmond said.

It’s times like this when I feel like the camera of a news story about this should pan back to reveal a wall of screens showing similar stories and a shadowy figure in front pounding his fist on his chair. “How did we let this happen?! Why can’t we just convince gay people to keep playing along like they did in the past? It’s all that damn Matthew Broderick’s fault. Moron couldn’t even pick a beard right…Sarah Jessica Parker?! Come on! Everyone knows only gay guys and girls like her…she’s like a My Little Pony in expensive shoes.”

via KMOX and STLToday