Society Still Going Despite Yesterday’s Civil Unions

Both Illinois’ St. Clair County and Missouri’s University City opened their doors yesterday morning to a line of people waiting to be the first few to get a civil union in their respective areas. Meanwhile, hate filled people somehow failed to noticed that the world did actually continue to spin and society as we know it, did go on. In St. Clair: St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney reported that seven couples in the county had been united as of 9 AM and that he was expecting more to turn out. [Read More]

Missouri on Lower Half of Gay Marriage Support

The Sociological Images blog recently put together some data on gay marriage support grouped by age bracket and ordered by a state’s overall support. The overall takeaways of the graph are pretty clear, the younger generation is considerably more supportive of gay marriage, even in states that are generally considered toxic to gay rights like Utah or Alabama. Of course the other thing you can take away from this data is how each state feels about the gay marriage movement. [Read More]