Nelly Takes DJ Job, Also Must Have Invented Time Machine

Starting Wednesday, the native son of St. Louis and rapper, will be the drive-time DJ on Hot 104.1 for anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks. In a related, but up until now completely unreported, story Nelly has also invented a time machine. Probably. He must have. Why else would he think being a DJ is still cool?! We talked to a scientist about this bizarre move and amazing technological discovery. [Read More]

It’s Official: Cornett Out, Devine In on the Bull’s Morning Shift

We mentioned this a while back, but now is reporting its all official and junk. Radio trades and Secret Squirrel seem to agree: Bull mid-dayer Jill Devine is now officially on mornings permanently and PD Billy Greenwood is moving from PM Drive to Mid-days. We don’t listen to country music, but we do love Jill Devine and hope she does well in her new time slot! That being said, this was yet another truly bizarre move by Clearchannel. [Read More]