Stop Shooting People in Their Faces You Assholes!

Stop Shooting People in Their Faces You Assholes!

Again. It happened again!

A 17-year-old hospitalized after he was shot in the face.

It happened Monday night near Bryant and O’Fallon in north St. Louis.

The unidentified teen is hospitalized in serious condition.

(That’s the whole story on KMOX’s site. Not sure why it was phrased in extended Haiku form.)

Why do we have to keep going over this?!

August 9th, 2010:Dude Buying CDs Gets Shot in the Face

December 15th, 2012:Another Guy Gets Shot in the Face

March 1st, 2011:St. Louis: The Face Shootin-est City This Side of the Mississippi

Maybe  you’re thinking: “PK! You know how many people get shot in this town? With numbers like that a few face-shots are bound to happen!” …ok, fair point, but we would say with as much shooting that goes on in the area, you’d think we’d have better aim and at least enough courtesy to not shoot people in their face. Is it because it’s cool to turn the gun sideways when you shoot someone? Is that still cool? If it is, and it makes you hit people in the face, then stop it. You don’t want to get shot in the face, so lets just all shoot people as we’d like to be shot.

Again, we bring up our in-house designed logo for our anti-face shooting campaign from last year:

Apparently it worked for a little while, but lets really get the word out this time! Share it on Facebook! Tweet it. Print it out and stick it to light poles and dead bodies…especially dead bodies with face wounds since that’s a great marketing opportunity laying right there next to that Church’s Chicken! It’s all about building that brand people! It’s not a hard concept, but if you need help with it go to Twitter and search for “building a brand about thinking outside the box hashtags and I’m a f*cking asshole that thinks I have a real job and decided to blather on and on about nothing to trick people in to thinking I somehow signed up for Twitter better than your creepy cousin Mark who just keeps trying to get porno stars to retweet him.” It seems like a specific search term, but trust us, that will bring up roughly half of Twitter.

via KMOX