Two Year Old Found Wandering the Streets of Florissant

Two Year Old Found Wandering the Streets of Florissant

It’s pretty weird to see a baby walking the streets of Florissant, and even weirder when it’s not pregnant or trying to sell you weed, but that’s exactly what happened Monday (not the selling weed parts, but word was his prices weren’t that great).

Katisha Reese said she found the boy barefoot and holding one show [sic] in the 6400 block of Hadden Bay Road.  She picked him up and called police.

St. Louis County Police officers responded to the scene and started knocking on doors in the neighborhood.  On the third door they knocked on, a woman in her 20s confirmed that the toddler was one she was watching.  She told police she thought the child was in bed.

Toddlers can be fast little devils though, and maybe NyQuil isn’t as strong as it used to be. Both solid defenses to use the next time the kid you’re watching is wandering around in the street. What you shouldn’t do is flip out on the cops, which is what happened in this senario.

The police took the woman in to custody and eventually returned the wayward child to his foster parents.

“I did what anyone else would do,” says Reese.  “I’m just glad God put me in the position to be able to do this.”

Oh you’re glad God put certain events in motion so you would be in a position to find this child wandering the streets, which was because it was being taken care of by a horrible baby sitter after being with foster parents, meaning that his actual parents are either dead or so horrible the state decided they can not be allowed to be around the child?! …no, good for you though. How awesome would it have been if God lit the baby of fire too so you could put it out with that blanket you keep in the truck for when you put stuff in there even though we both know you never put stuff in your car since the trunk is too small and the opening is kind of awkward. Man, you are some kinda jerk lady.

via KMOV