St. Louis: The Face Shootin’-est City This Side of the Mississippi!

It’s been about 60 days, so we were due for a good ole fashioned St. Louis face shooting! This time it was in North St. Louis (Whaaat? No way!) off of Union, just north of Martin Luther King Dr (Double whaaaat?! No way!).

A 27-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot in the face outside of Union Market, in north St. Louis.

Police say the victim was walking out on the 1900 block of Union, when witnesses say they heard gunshotsand discovered the victim outside.

He was taken to an area hospital and is listed in critical condition.

We know that St. Louis is super hard-core and we have a rep to uphold and all, but in the face? Why? Why the face? It really seems overly harsh. Isn’t the old rule “not the face” when getting in to a fist fight? Fists! If you’re throwing bullets around, the “no face shots” thing should really carry over. Can we make that a rule everyone “No Face Shots?” maybe throw a few t-shirts together, a box of stickers and have a local sports start stumble over some easy copy on a late night KPLR commercial? No face shots! No face shots! No face shots!

Porn stars, the current issue of Vogue, and that really drunk chick with nice boobs and decent body but totally wouldn’t shut up last Friday night are exceptions.

via KMOV