Maybe Just Don’t Worry About Line Cutters in North St. Louis

So you’re waiting in line to by your booze…at 10pm on a Sunday…and a dude rolls in and cuts in line. What do you do? Well if you’re in St. Peters, you probably do the old passive agressive “Ugh! Really?” Where you’re kinda talking to the guy behind you, but not really. If you’re really ballsy, and since you’re getting booze at 10pm on a Sunday we’re guessing you might be, maybe you tell the guy what’s up…get in his face a little bit. Tell him how much you need this 40 and he’s a little punk for cutting in line and cutters suck. Back of the line buddy!

Ok, but if you’re in North St. Louis…maybe just don’t worry about it and keep your yap shut.

Police said the victim, identified as 39-year-old Stephen Ward, got into an argument with the suspect after that man cut in front of several other people in line. The suspect walked out of the store, then came back in and began shooting at the victim.

Ward was shot in the torso and pronounced dead at the scene.

Seems like a possible overreaction there. Unless the line was super long which can totally be “shoot a guy in the torso” annoying. Maybe he had important stuff going on…business stuff…so he had no time for pleasantries, personal attention or time to play catch,  show up at your birthday party or even your mother’s funeral! No! Mister big shot out getting smokes for 27 years! …ahem. Where were we?

Oh, maybe he was there earlier in the day and had “backsies”. We know that generally the rule is no backsies, but pointing a gun to our head tends to grease the wheels on getting that rule temporarily waived. It also “greases” our pants.

via KSDK, and hat tip to the RFT for this is 2011 St. Louis death #9!