Maybe Just Don’t Worry About Line Cutters in North St. Louis

So you’re waiting in line to by your booze…at 10pm on a Sunday…and a dude rolls in and cuts in line. What do you do? Well if you’re in St. Peters, you probably do the old passive agressive “Ugh! Really?” Where you’re kinda talking to the guy behind you, but not really. If you’re really ballsy, and since you’re getting booze at 10pm on a Sunday we’re guessing you might be, maybe you tell the guy what’s up…get in his face a little bit. [Read More]

Mayor of East St. Louis Finally Realizes East St. Louis Sucks

Alvin Parks ran for and won the titles of Mayor and Liquor Commissioner of that turd of a city, our neighbors to the east that piggy-backs off of our name, East St. Louis. Throughout the whole process however, Parks never did realize that East St. Louis is, in fact, a pit of booze, drugs, crime and despair. All of a sudden Parks is “fed up” with the situation in East St. [Read More]