Fox 2 Cleans House, but Adds Hot Reporter From Oklahoma

9:45am — Updated to reflect more information clarifying John Auble’s status.

A couple of interesting and corroborating reports in our tip line inbox today about the two-headed local news team of Fox2 and KPLR (11). According to both our tipster and our other source, spring cleaning is in full effect in the on-air news department by both traditional firings and medical leave. Here’s a summary of what we’ve heard, starting with the slightly stale news and going from there:

A few days ago #2 or #3 sports guy Rob Desir disappeared from the station, but now reporter Sean Conroy, who had been rumored to be “leaving” to focus on the bars he co-owns (iTap), is gone as well. Fellow reporters John Gadsen and John Auble both would have also been shown the door according to our tipster, but are currently on the mend from major illness. On the KPLR side, rumor has it that Melanie Moon‘s job may be on thin ice as well…which brings us to the news team’s recent hire: Angie Mock. Who by the way, isn’t bad on the eyes:

Mock hasn’t listed the move from Oklahoma City to St. Louis on her Faacebook page yet, but she did announce it on the morning show she still co-hosts for the next couple of days.

Could Mock the less hard news experienced Mock be in line for the KPLR job if the cuts continue? Our tipster thinks so, but we couldn’t back that up other than confirming Mock’s hire. On the whole though, these cuts make sense in a trimming the books way because all of the names listed have been at the station for a while, so they make a little more money, but also aren’t “key” on-air faces most people will miss. Sadly, these moves were probably the “easy” decisions.

No formal confirmation on KTVI/KPLR at the time of this writing other than Rob Desir’s page being removed from the “News Team” page.

In a related story, Fox2 is advertising the fact that they have “the most meteorologists” in the market, which means if you work for Fox2 start brushing up on how to point to stuff on a green screen and highlighting green and red splotches on a map while telling everyone those are tornados. Nah, it doesn’t really matter if you’re right.

Update: A commenter brings up a good point…

Hot? She looks like someone poisoned by the Joker.

We hadn’t really focused on her face yet, but yeah…she kinda does.

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