Charter Isn’t Doing Any Better

Everyone’s favorite former local internet monopoly Charter, posted a loss of $85 Million dollars last quarter, bringing their total loses for 2010 to a whopping $237 Million. All this, just a year after Charter filed for bankruptcy. Things are going just great according to Charter though, you see the secret is playing high school basketball games. There’s you’re big ticket TV right there.

Charter is banking on big gains from their commercial business, but it’s pretty damn clear what Charter needs to do to get back in the black: Chalk Talk needs to get back on the air. Randy Karraker, Tony Twist, McGraw Millhaven…um…the black guy…all the great insight in to the local sports scene along with the added fun of spinning a wheel and distilling your insight in to a two or three words, poorly scribbled on a children’s learning to spell chalkboard. How can you not love that?! You’re in the hole for $237 Mil? Chalk Talk alone is worth at least $146.oo. Sure you gotta subtract from that the price of chalk…and the cost of making a new wheel if you got rid of the last one…but whew, can you imagine the excitement when people mis-key the channel they actually wanted and end up on the Charter local channel to find Chalk Talk where a bunch of out-of-work buddies make the standard “best fans in baseball” references between giggling about inside jokes? Hello windfall!

You’re welcome Charter.

Actually, try just throwing up the Indian Test Pattern too. Might be worth a shot.

via STLToday