Charter Isn’t Doing Any Better

Everyone’s favorite former local internet monopoly Charter, posted a loss of $85 Million dollars last quarter, bringing their total loses for 2010 to a whopping $237 Million. All this, just a year after Charter filed for bankruptcy. Things are going just great according to Charter though, you see the secret is playing high school basketball games. There’s you’re big ticket TV right there. Charter is banking on big gains from their commercial business, but it’s pretty damn clear what Charter needs to do to get back in the black: Chalk Talk needs to get back on the air. [Read More]

New Town Developer Files For Bankruptcy

Wait wait wait wait. You are telling me that in this totally awesome housing market, the maker of St. Charles County’s most famous compound, with all those shiny new houses, isn’t doing well? Totally. Shocking. Did you pick up on the sarcasm? We were laying it down pretty thick. Oh but apparently there is spin good news. Don’t get me wrong, they are still totally going bankrupt, but apparently its the good kind or something: [Read More]

Confirmed: Charter to File For Bankruptcy

Charter, everyone’s favorite St. Louis cable monopoly, has filed for bankruptcy. From Cable operator Charter Communications Inc. says it will file Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization documents by April 1. As part of an agreement with debt holders, they will be paid in full and Paul Allen will maintain the largest voting interest in the company. In a stark contrast to Monopoly rules, Charter will continue its “service” after filing for and throughout the bankruptcy process. [Read More]