Dan Ceasar Weeps For the One Guy that Doesn’t Have Cable, a Friend or Knows Where a Bar Is

Its October, the MLB playoffs are here and the Cardinals are back in them since their World Series winner in 2006, but if you are the one Cardinal fan in St. Louis that doesn’t have cable, any friends or know where a bar is, you are out of luck! Don’t worry though, St. Louis Post Dispatch sport media columnist, Dan Ceasar has your back! None of the Cardinals’ playoff games against National League foes will be on a “free-TV”‘ station. [Read More]

Confirmed: Charter to File For Bankruptcy

Charter, everyone’s favorite St. Louis cable monopoly, has filed for bankruptcy. From STLToday.com: Cable operator Charter Communications Inc. says it will file Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization documents by April 1. As part of an agreement with debt holders, they will be paid in full and Paul Allen will maintain the largest voting interest in the company. In a stark contrast to Monopoly rules, Charter will continue its “service” after filing for and throughout the bankruptcy process. [Read More]

The Hits Keep Coming: Charter Fined By FCC

So our buddies at everyone’s favorite St. Louis based cable company, Charter, didn’t play nice when the FCC tried to look in to some complaints against them and now they are being fined and getting their finger wagged at them by them by outgoing FCC chief Kevin Martin. From bizzjournals.com: The FCC is examining a practice of transferring analog channels to a more expensive digital tier, which prompted 600 complaints, according to a letter Monday to congressional leaders from outgoing FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. [Read More]