Dan Ceasar Weeps For the One Guy that Doesn’t Have Cable, a Friend or Knows Where a Bar Is

tbsfranktvad-330x1902Its October, the MLB playoffs are  here and the Cardinals are back in them since their World Series winner in 2006, but if you are the one Cardinal fan in St. Louis that doesn’t have cable, any friends or know where a bar is, you are out of luck!

Don’t worry though, St. Louis Post Dispatch sport media columnist, Dan Ceasar has your back!

None of the Cardinals’ playoff games against National League foes will be on a “free-TV”‘ station. They wouldn’t appear over-the-air until the World Series.

The last time the Cards were in the playoffs, 2006, a local over-the-air station was allowed to simulcast the cablecasts in the markets of the competing teams. But Turner gained exclusive rights in 2007 and over-the-air coverage now is limited to one league championship series — this season the American League — and the World Series. Both will be on Fox (KTVI, Channel 2 locally).

Is the fact that all the Cardinal playoff games going to be on cable a perfect option?  No, of course not.  But does it effect that many people?  Also, no.

If you are “that one guy” think of this:  Sure its a pain for you to track down a TV because you are a friendless bastard, but on the plus side the mere thought of KSDK broadcasting another game this season makes my skin crawl.  Face it, the local options are going away because they suck.  If they didn’t suck, they would make more money and be able to have a shot at continuing to broadcasting them.  This is not to say we don’t have problems with TBS or Fox.  TBS always seems to drop trou, squat down, and crap out a big lump of TV no one wants to watch just before the playoffs so that they can beat us over the head with it during every commercial break.  Hey TBS, you didn’t get us to watch “Frank TV”, and we sure the hell won’t want to watch “George Lopez Late Night” either so give us a damn break!

I got off track.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  Get a friend or a better job you only no-cable having agoraphobe!

via Dan Ceasar on STLToday