The Hits Keep Coming: Charter Fined By FCC

So our buddies at everyone’s favorite St. Louis based cable company, Charter, didn’t play nice when the FCC tried to look in to some complaints against them and now they are being fined and getting their finger wagged at them by them by outgoing FCC chief Kevin Martin.


The FCC is examining a practice of transferring analog channels to a more expensive digital tier, which prompted 600 complaints, according to a letter Monday to congressional leaders from outgoing FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

Writing to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation before leaving his job Tuesday, Martin said that cable operators showed “contempt” for the commission by not providing full information about their practices.

Charter might have to pay $25,000 each, according to notices the FCC sent the cable operators.

Ok, so its not a big fine (well it might seem bigger to a company thats about bankrupt) but I think its pretty freaking awesome that basically FCC Chairman Martin made it the last thing he did in office was to fine and take a verbal shit on Charter.

I love Obama’s pick for the new FCC Chairman, but this dude gets serious points for the way he went out.