Fox 2 Cleans House, but Adds Hot Reporter From Oklahoma

9:45am — Updated to reflect more information clarifying John Auble’s status. A couple of interesting and corroborating reports in our tip line inbox today about the two-headed local news team of Fox2 and KPLR (11). According to both our tipster and our other source, spring cleaning is in full effect in the on-air news department by both traditional firings and medical leave. Here’s a summary of what we’ve heard, starting with the slightly stale news and going from there: [Read More]
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KPLR News: People Slip More When There’s Ice Than When There Isn’t Ice

It seems like forever ago with local news channel Fox2 (KTVI) swallowed channel 11 (KTVI)’s station and news department. We remember wondering: “If both stations are still going to do news, how will they break it up so they aren’t competing against themselves?” Apparently the deal was Fox2 will deal with actual news and 11 will take these two stick, try not to poke their eye out and see what they can come up with. [Read More]

Fox 2 General Manager Can’t Go Number 2 With the Rest of You People is saying that Fox 2’s general manager has not only being pushing the construction union’s limits by trying to get the workers at the KPLR studios to work through their breaks, but also has spent $60,000 on a private bathroom for his office all while more layoff rumors swirl around the new “siamese stations.” Apparently the troops at 2 and 11 know about the expensive crapper and are less than pleased. [Read More]