KPLR News: People Slip More When There’s Ice Than When There Isn’t Ice

It seems like forever ago with local news channel Fox2 (KTVI) swallowed channel 11 (KTVI)’s station and news department. We remember wondering: “If both stations are still going to do news, how will they break it up so they aren’t competing against themselves?” Apparently the deal was Fox2 will deal with actual news and 11 will take these two stick, try not to poke their eye out and see what they can come up with. [Read More]

Photos From Your Snow Day

You didn’t go to work today did you? Did you “work at home”? Yeah, sure you did. Here are some things you would have seen if you had left your house. Only a few loaves of bread left at the O’Fallon, MO Shop-n-Save. Probably wheat bread. (via KMOV) Blueberry Hill had a sign out to tell all the zero people in the Loop that they are in fact open. Great move. [Read More]
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Three MetroLink Trains Stalled Due to Power Outages

Updated with comment from Metro! (See below) Three different MetroLink trains had to evacuate their riders yesterday when they lost power due to the “historic” ice storms hitting the city limits. When ice encases the power line that runs across the track, then the trains aren’t going anywhere, but at least all the riders could easily be evacuated… The biggest problem happened on the Shrewsbury line around 5:30 Monday evening. [Read More]