Photos From Your Snow Day

You didn’t go to work today did you? Did you “work at home”? Yeah, sure you did. Here are some things you would have seen if you had left your house.

Only a few loaves of bread left at the O’Fallon, MO Shop-n-Save. Probably wheat bread. (via KMOV)

Blueberry Hill had a sign out to tell all the zero people in the Loop that they are in fact open. Great move. Totally worth telling people you were open today. Nothing inspires your waitstaff more than making them come in and work when they all know they won’t see a single customer or tip all day. (via STLToday)

The Cardinals unveiled their plan to one day thaw out the Bob Gibson clone they made in the 60s in slot in to the rotation this spring. Sure he looks like an iced over statue, but Tony would still rather start him than a rookie and he rated as just barely more athletic than Kyle Lohse was last year. Should be a great fit. (via Twitter)

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