The Democrats Like Charlotte, North Carolina Better Than Us

It became official yesterday morning, the prize that St. Louis had been chasing, the chance to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention, slipped through the city’s fingers like so many murders and car thieves. The convention, and the people, attention and tax money that come with it, are taking their talents to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012.

The Mayor had this to say in his official statement:

The Democratic National Committee has announced that Charlotte will host the party’s national convention in 2012. That is a disappointment for all of us who worked on a proposal to bring the event to St. Louis.

St. Louis was not selected for 2012 for reasons of electoral politics. That is a decision of the President and his reelection team. I will not fault it. St. Louis will submit a bid for a 2016 national political convention, when the electoral politics will be different.

Sounds like the DNC fed St. Louis the old “It’s not you, it’s me.” line and they bought it. Glad to hear that still works sometimes. Sure Charlotte has a higher urban population that makes more money, has nicer houses and is way safer, but other than that, it was all politics.

Whatever. Didn’t need you anyway DNC! We’re strong! We can move on and we know there are great things about us too, like Pi Pizza (Oh how soon you forget Mr. President!), Forest Park, a shocking amount of hotels and conference centers, the best local weather teams, 2 out of 3 major sports (+ hockey!) and chance to give us a press pass so we can trade boob jokes with former President Clinton. Would have been sweet…you missed out though.

Ok, level with us…it was because of Republicanette Dana Loesch wasn’t it? *Sigh* We actually had a plan for that where we would send her and the Democrabby Charles Jaco (Yeah, he’s generally on your side, but trust me, you don’t want him there either) letters to meet at the basement of the Edward Jones Dome promising dirt on the other and then we’d lock the door from the outside and “find” them after the convention was over. By then you’ll have enjoyed your stay, while Loesch and Jaco, per every sitcom ever, would have fallen in love by then or something.

…but now you’ll never know. Your loss Democrats. St. Louis will survive!