Mayor Slay is Here to Help

In case you forgot the way to get help via the phone that most of you grew up ingrained in your minds, Mayor Slay is here to help with a perfectly timed tweet reminding you all about 911 for all your Snowpocalypse related emergencies.

Where the hell was this kind of helpful tidbit in November when the city seems to be in the midst of a race against 2009’s death toll? Oh well…ok, so if you report those kind of emergencies it makes us look bad (by “bad” we mean “worst than Detroit”) so just try to use 911 for weather stuff and call…um…912 we guess…for all your “I’m got lost going to Crown Candy and people keep shooting at me” kinda emergencies. Also, if you were to then feel yourself dying, could you try to take a taxi out to St. Charles County? The city will reimburse you and really appreciate it.

Hat tip to Joe Sports Fan‘s @MattSebek