Three MetroLink Trains Stalled Due to Power Outages

Updated with comment from Metro! (See below)

Three different MetroLink trains had to evacuate their riders yesterday when they lost power due to the “historic” ice storms hitting the city limits. When ice encases the power line that runs across the track, then the trains aren’t going anywhere, but at least all the riders could easily be evacuated…

The biggest problem happened on the Shrewsbury line around 5:30 Monday evening. A train lost power on a bridge in Brentwood and was stuck on the bridge for an hour and a half to two hours.

…er…um…well at least those people weren’t left stranded out in the cold. The trains have heaters of course…

Metro was not sure if the train had working heaters.

Of course they didn’t. At least it was probably super comfortable on there otherwise with the usual MetroLink suspects: Stinky Guy, Girl chewing Gum Loudly, Dude With a Bike, and Obviously a Rapist Guy.

via KMOV

Update via our comments from a Metro representative:

When I talked with a passenger on the disabled Maplewood train last night via Twitter, he reported that everyone was in decent spirits, and no mention of loss of heat.