KPLR News: People Slip More When There’s Ice Than When There Isn’t Ice

It seems like forever ago with local news channel Fox2 (KTVI) swallowed channel 11 (KTVI)’s station and news department. We remember wondering: “If both stations are still going to do news, how will they break it up so they aren’t competing against themselves?” Apparently the deal was Fox2 will deal with actual news and 11 will take these two stick, try not to poke their eye out and see what they can come up with.

Here’s what they came up with yesterday: Ice is slippery

“Icy Roads Mean More Slips & Falls”

Chiropractors in Clayton, near St. Louis, Missouri said they are seeing slips, falls and stress injuries after this week’s winter storm. The ice from this latest dose of ‘winter’ is making just getting out of the house and to the car a challenge.

We really hope this is just the first of a series of obvious weather stories culminating in this July’s “How ’bout this heat?” article.

via KPLR