Cardinals Sign Jim Edmonds…Wait What?!

MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that the Cardinals…our Cardinals, the St. Louis Cardinals, have signed Jim Edmonds. The same one as before. Not one from a time machine, the one from this year, the one that was about to retire like a week ago.

It appeared likely that Edmonds would retire last weekend, but the 40-year-old is returning for an 18th season in the major leagues. Eight of those seasons came in St. Louis, where Edmonds hit .285/.393/.555 from 2000-07 and was a key player on the ’06 World Champions.

Edmonds appeared in just 86 games last year after sitting out the 2009 season, but he can still play. He posted a .276/.342/.504 line for the Reds and Brewers, adding 11 homers and 23 doubles. The eight-time Gold Glove winner played first base and all three outfield positions.

Maybe this is one of those deals where Edmonds just wants a contract to retire as a Cardinal. That move is more rare in baseball but common in the NFL.

It could also just be a “I’m old, but screw it.” Bobby Bonilla move too I guess, but damn that sounds like embarrassment waiting to happen as Colby Rasmus flies by him in the outfield and drops bombs over Jimmy Ballgame’s frosted locks.

…or who knows? Maybe he’ll be ok in a limited role as a lefty bat. He’s old, so he’s got that going for him on the new-look Golden Girls outfield. …oh wait! Maybe Jimmy’s job will be to lean against Lance Berkman so they can just hold each other up out there in right field.

Seriously though Jim, if you just wanted a free month long Florida vacation, you have just sat through one of those no-pressure time share sales. Way easier than having Tony kick your ass for a month and end up getting beat out for your job by John Jay.