Toxicology Report: Adrienne Martin Died of Oxycodone and Cocaine Overdose?

When we first talked about the mysterious death of celebrity, and ex-beer baron August Busch IV‘s girlfriend Adrienne Martin, the police initially focused the investigation towards a possible overdose after being found dead in a room in Busch’s mansion. Naturally, family and friends of Martin denied such claims with statements like…

“She was against drugs,” — Timothy Carlson, former boss

“Adrienne was always very anti-drug.” — Dr. Kevin Martin, ex-husband

We had this to say at the time:

The police are thinking overdose, [but] the family is poo-pooing on the overdose idea (but who’s family ever says to the press “Oh yeah. That was it! Totally overdose. My little darling loved her some nose-candy!”)

Well guess what was in the toxicology report! If you said cocaine, you’d be correct! Called it!

The 27-year-old woman found dead at the mansion of former Anheuser-Busch chief executive August Busch IV had cocaine and the painkiller oxycodone in her blood, according to a source close to the investigation and her ex-husband.

This was a no-brainer. Healthy 27-year-olds just don’t die quietly without any signs of trauma in a dark room by themselves. Something had to make this happen, and despite her family’s claim of some rare heart condition, the smart money was on drugs. …the question now is: Where did she get the drugs in question? It’s not like she was dating a long-time playboy rich of booze money that has a history or drug and alcohol abuse. Too bad, that would make it so much easier to make sense of all of this.

Busch could not be reached for comment.

His attorney, Arthur Margulis, said Saturday, “Having not actually seen the report, I have no comment at this time.”

What an oddly timed blockquote. We certainly weren’t inferring anything with our previous statement. Why else could she have been on drugs? Any idea mom?

Christine Trampler, Adrienne Martin’s mother, has said her daughter was having trouble sleeping in the months before her death.

Yeah, we hear cocaine is great for getting to sleep….right after doing the dishes, making enough sandwiches for an army, eating all the sandwiches and then being compelled to go to the east side at 2:15 pm on a Tuesday. So actually it works just like Ambien, just you do all that crazy stuff before you pass out instead of right after.

Things are getting interesting for August Busch IV, aka St. Louis’ Charlie Sheen.

via STLToday