Adrienne Martin’s Autopsy: Accidental Overdose, Coke Straws, and Someone Should Really Hire a Maid

Over the weekend we had a chance to go over the Adrienne Martin case files that were released on Friday and so kindly uploaded by the RFT’s Chad Garrison, who as also done his own summary. Most of this is either unsurprising or just more of the same, but there are a few details in here worth pointing out, so lets run though them. 1. Despite everyone’s claims, Adrienne Martin did drugs. [Read More]

Toxicology Report: Adrienne Martin Died of Oxycodone and Cocaine Overdose?

When we first talked about the mysterious death of celebrity, and ex-beer baron August Busch IV‘s girlfriend Adrienne Martin, the police initially focused the investigation towards a possible overdose after being found dead in a room in Busch’s mansion. Naturally, family and friends of Martin denied such claims with statements like… “She was against drugs,” — Timothy Carlson, former boss “Adrienne was always very anti-drug.” — Dr. Kevin Martin, ex-husband [Read More]

August Busch IV Bares Soul to Deb Peterson

So it’s come to this August Busch IV…now you’re waxing philosophical to STLToday’s Deb Peterson? Jesus dude, our number is pretty easy to remember: 314-266-TIPS We’re a great freaking shoulder to cry on! We’ll hit you with the highlights anyway. Regardless it appears that Busch isn’t dealing with the stress of losing his girlfriend, Adrienne Martin, well, especially after the takeover of his company. A takeover that was, and apparently still is, very difficult to deal with. [Read More]