Toxicology Report: Adrienne Martin Died of Oxycodone and Cocaine Overdose?

When we first talked about the mysterious death of celebrity, and ex-beer baron August Busch IV‘s girlfriend Adrienne Martin, the police initially focused the investigation towards a possible overdose after being found dead in a room in Busch’s mansion. Naturally, family and friends of Martin denied such claims with statements like… “She was against drugs,” — Timothy Carlson, former boss “Adrienne was always very anti-drug.” — Dr. Kevin Martin, ex-husband [Read More]

Police Shocked and Happily Surprised to Find Hispanics Pulled Over Were Actually Criminals

“What do you know!” said one officer, “You know, you pull over hispanic after hispanic and you have to let them go because they weren’t doing anything wrong or that trailer full of lawn mowers and hedge clippers really did belong to them and then something like this happens. It just really makes your day!” Around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department said a Peterbuilt tractor trailer was stopped for a traffic violation. [Read More]

If You Never Got Your Package of Coke, Its at the Franklin County Assessor’s Office

You know that package with the baggie of cocaine you were expecting? Well it was accidentally delivered to the Franklin County Assessor’s Office. The Union Police Department was contacted Thursday afternoon after a mysterious powdery substance turned up at the Franklin County Assessor’s Office from a Pacific resident. The powdery substance turned out to be a controlled substance. This story gets better, because apparently the Assessor isn’t exactly hip to the jive. [Read More]