The Powell Square Building Will Be Coming Down…On Purpose!

You know which one the Powell Square Building is right? No? It’s the one downtown that looks like the remains of a building that was eaten and shit out from the other side of a zombie apocalypse. Well it’s finally going to be demolished. It shouldn’t be hard to take down though since at this point we’re pretty sure the walls are gone and it’s being held up by graffiti and stacks of homeless guy coats. [Read More]

St. Louis University Wants to Demolish the Pevely Building

Everyone recognizes the old Pevely building just south of downtown on Grand, and it’s fair to say that most would put it up there in the list of “St. Louis City Visual Icons, Not Named ‘The Arch’” along with the Budweiser neon eagle, and that homeless guy with the long beard at Jefferson and 40 who sells pixie stix and possibly eats people. No proof. Just getting a vibe. Oh well, the homeless canibal and the neon eagle aren’t going anywhere, but the Pevely building might be if St. [Read More]

Fox 2 General Manager Can’t Go Number 2 With the Rest of You People is saying that Fox 2’s general manager has not only being pushing the construction union’s limits by trying to get the workers at the KPLR studios to work through their breaks, but also has spent $60,000 on a private bathroom for his office all while more layoff rumors swirl around the new “siamese stations.” Apparently the troops at 2 and 11 know about the expensive crapper and are less than pleased. [Read More]