St. Louis University Wants to Demolish the Pevely Building

St. Louis University Wants to Demolish the Pevely Building

Everyone recognizes the old Pevely building just south of downtown on Grand, and it’s fair to say that most would put it up there in the list of “St. Louis City Visual Icons, Not Named ‘The Arch’” along with the Budweiser neon eagle, and that homeless guy with the long beard at Jefferson and 40 who sells pixie stix and possibly eats people. No proof. Just getting a vibe.

Oh well, the homeless canibal and the neon eagle aren’t going anywhere, but the Pevely building might be if St. Louis University, who owns the land, get their way.

On October 26th, SLU submitted applications for demolition permits for the St. Louis City Preservation Board to consider.  SLU said on November 3rd that it plans to demolish the complex.  The university said the Pevely buildings are unable to accommodate modern medical offices.

Well that’s just dumb. Why would you do that? There’s no reason too. It’s not surprising that the building is old, but when people say you should “save the building” no sane person think that means that you would need to keep the bazillion year old plumbing and crap. We’re talking about the outer facade, with it’s old Pevely brick work and the giant sign on top. Just keep that stuff and completely renovate the insides to meet your needs. Who wouldn’t want to go to work in a modern version of the old Pevely building?!

There is already a “Save the Pevely Building” group, with accompanying Facebook page (~500 likes) and rally which took place at Grand and Chouteau Saturday to protest St. Louis University’s petition to tear the whole thing down.

“There’s a lot of homeless people in the community. Why can’t this building be renovated for them? What about the veterans? They need help, too. Why tear this building down?”

Veterans and homeless? Don’t forget the children! …or fluffy kittens! Lets make it in to a homeless veteran kitten shelter and lets name it after you. We’ll call it the “SLU Funded Homeless Child Veteran Shelter for Kittens Just For Patricia Because She Can’t Keep Her Protests Straight” Asking for the building to be kept in the St. Louis skyline is one thing, but then also asking for the building to be made in to a homeless/veterans/child/kitten shelter is a bit off topic. SLU owns the building, and they didn’t buy it for the hell of it, so it’s perfectly acceptable for them to make money and use it as they please. Lets just start  by asking them to not knock it down and then if we feel lucky, you can ask for all your crazy shit. Might want to try strapping a bomb to yourself first…and also…could you not protest with the group any more? Lots of building here. Feel free to protest a little farther west.

“There are several other areas, including the land SLU owns across the street to the north and other areas of vacant land to the south that they own where they could build their medical office building and wouldn’t have to tear down this building,” said protestor Paul Homan.

…or they can just use the building however the see fit as the rightful owners but just appeal to their senses by asking them to keep the facade and signage intact while the completely renovate the insides.

University officials also said it would consider preserving part of the site, including the Pevely smokestack and the main facade of the building.

Ok! There you go. Do that, and be happy that there is one less empty building in town. Each one we get renovated is one less place that hairy possible cannibal homeless guy can bring his victims! Lets get that message on some poster board ASAP!

via KMOX and KMOV