Pevely Missouri Doesn’t Give a Crap About Your Teeth

Like most towns Pevely, Missouri is hard up for cash, but unlike most towns they’ve decided the best way to save some money is to take away a time tested, doctor approved health benefit: putting fluoride in the water. Many communities add fluoride to the water system to help prevent tooth decay. But Pevely says it just doesn’t have the money anymore. “…so screw you Pevely teeth! It’s fine. [Read More]

St. Louis University Wants to Demolish the Pevely Building

Everyone recognizes the old Pevely building just south of downtown on Grand, and it’s fair to say that most would put it up there in the list of “St. Louis City Visual Icons, Not Named ‘The Arch’” along with the Budweiser neon eagle, and that homeless guy with the long beard at Jefferson and 40 who sells pixie stix and possibly eats people. No proof. Just getting a vibe. Oh well, the homeless canibal and the neon eagle aren’t going anywhere, but the Pevely building might be if St. [Read More]

Breaking News: Small Town Missouri People Don’t Like “Adult” Stores

I don’t want to shock you, but we hear that a store selling “adult-themed” products is being harassed in the town of Pevely, Missouri. Who would have thought a small Missouri town, just south of St. Louis, would be unwelcoming of a sexy store selling lingerie, lubricants and “other marital aides”?! Shocked. We’re shocked. Also did you hear about that old asian guy driving slowly down 40 the other day? Since when are old asian guys not burning up the roads? [Read More]