Pevely Missouri Doesn’t Give a Crap About Your Teeth

Like most towns Pevely, Missouri is hard up for cash, but unlike most towns they’ve decided the best way to save some money is to take away a time tested, doctor approved health benefit: putting fluoride in the water. Many communities add fluoride to the water system to help prevent tooth decay. But Pevely says it just doesn’t have the money anymore. “…so screw you Pevely teeth! It’s fine. [Read More]

Suburban Journals Columnist Says St. Louis County Has Bad Teeth?!

Oh no you didn’t Steve Pokin of the Suburban Journals’ “Pokin Around” column! (Ah! We see what you did there with your name being “Pokin” and all. Clever) Dude straight said St. Charles County has better teeth than those on the right side of the Missouri River.Oh wait. First he calls us bullies! I don’t think I’m being oversensitive when I say a lot of people in St. Louis like to make fun of us. [Read More]