Another Guy Gets Shot in the Face

Wow, a guy got shot in the face! Crazy, you don’t hear about that happening to often…unless you live in St. Louis and then it happens every few months.

Authorities say that the male victim was inside of a home when someone knocked on the door. When the victim opened the door, he was reportedly shot in the face by the suspect.

Come on! The face?! Really. Why? Why right in the face? Who is this guy? Elmer Fudd? That dick seemed to always aim for the face too. Seems pretty clear looking back on it now that Fudd’s sick ass wasn’t really after the duck or rabbit meat, he just liked to kill.

The suspect then allegedly flees, and the victim ran across the street to a neighbor to ask for help.

There were several other people in the house at the time.

The victim ran across the street for help? Is getting shot in the face not as bad it sounds or were the other people in the victims house so incompetent that jogging across the street with a handful of your face still a safer play than just turning around and letting them help? Lots to be confused about here.

via KMOV