Secret Sound Festival Sneaks on to Cherokee Street This Weekend

Think the satellite “Rally for Sanity” is the only thing going on in town this Halloween weekend? Well we don’t blame you. It’s a secret after all. The Secret Sound Festival is going down on the city’s coolest street this weekend with a crap load of indie bands. Tickets to the festival come with all the free “Oh that band? Yeah. Totally saw them play forever ago. Their old stuff before they sold out was much better. [Read More]

PlaybackSTL Music Festival: Ssshhh. Apparently its a Secret!

Saturday we went to go checkout PlaybackSTL‘s music festival that took place in the Loop this weekend. This was the most interesting thing I saw: One might think its weird that you would go down to one of the more fun areas of St. Louis to see a music festival and you hear no music, see any signs of a festival, but instead just see a scary, chain smoking clown, but that’s apparently the way PlaybackSTL wanted it…a secret music festival. [Read More]

Punching Kitty Hits the Tomato Festival

Punching Kitty Hits the Tomato Festival
We braved the blistering heat of Sunday and headed south to check out the Tomato Festival at St. Louis favorite Iron Barley. We missed the actual creation of the World’s Largest BLT, but that didn’t dampen our spirits as we took plenty of great photos and even put together a little video our the event which you can see right below. We have some of the photos in a gallery via Flickr for now but we will have all of them up soon when we launch the much needed update to our photo system. [Read More]