Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street

Though a little chilly for a Saturday in May, we took to the streets to head over to Cherokee Street’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. Arriving just in time to catch the parade allowed us the chance to snap possibly our favorite photo of all time (above).

6 hours, 5 tacos, 1 margarita, and tons of photos later we realized we had spent the whole day down there and it was time to head back and put together the video below.

People ask us all the time: “You take so many shots at St. Louis, why don’t you move?” Stuff like this is why.

Watch the video in HD at Vimeo or YouTube [Editor’s Note: Removed YouTube link after the video was removed because of our use of Sony Music’s background music. Go pirate some Sony music!]

[Editor’s Note: If you have any interest in having the actual photos uploaded, let us know in the comments.]